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Actress Announces Melbourne DJ Set

Actress aka Darren J. Cunningham, discography spans over a decade and lists some of the worlds best musicians as collaborators. ‘Hazyville’, his first full length offering released in 2008 on his own label, Werkdisks is touted as one of the most progressive releases of the time. Since then he has put out 5 albums including his latest, ‘AZD’ on Ninja Tune.

‘AZD’ (pronounced. Azid), is an album which logically sums complexity with elegance, and diverts non-logical linguistic tanks through the dispersion and subversion of ghetto gothic cut up technology. Described by Cunningham as “Non dance based civilian mind groove, mapped to an external soul beyond the collapsing black hole…Music is chaos R.I.P Music”.

Actress returns to Melbourne for an exclusive DJ set on Friday January 19th at Banana : Peach and will be supported by Moopie, Hymns and Jennifer Loveless. Actress will also appear at Sugar Mountain Festival.