Barley Passable

This is by design. This is for the masses. This is Barley Passable.

Davy Brown and Kai Ollmann make up the duo Barley Passable. Forming through a united distaste of their studies, the pair have joined together to create a project that pulls together French Disco and new wave Euro Pop. 

The ethos behind Barley Passable is the pursuit of the finer things. The duo believe their project is most accurately described through decadence only comparable to Studio 54 in the 70s, shown through their pursuit of wearing the highest fashion, drinking the finest liquor and taking the finest photographs.

Though fronted by the pair, Barley Passable is a collection of creative minds, all with this same goal, mixing music and modern culture through fashion, film, photography and urban design. 

Culminating in their intoxicating live experience where their luscious sounds will mix with all aspects of the collective, producing a dangerously high energy performance, guaranteed to turn even the classiest of patrons into dance frenzied shadows of themselves.