Billy Zane

Spawning in Dante’s ninth circle, Sutherland Shire’s heavenly father, Billy Zane (Luke Mahoney), is set for blast-off. Growing up surrounded by House and Techno music, Luke’s musical and creative roots run deep. A lot can change in a year, and for Billy Zane that change came from throwing illegal raves on the sand dunes of Cronulla for his 21st birthday, to legitimising his local hype through a series of sold out, ticketed events under his “Chaos” brand. Now aged 22, Billy Zane’s eccentric style and organic finesse on the decks has positioned him as one of Sydney’s most promising DJ’s in the House/Tech scenes. Self-expression and originality are two traits Billy Zane lives and creates by. The “Chaos” brand came about as a result of his first parties on those sand dunes, where there were “…never any rules, and you had the freedom to do whatever you wanted to express yourself freely”, he states.

Billy Zane’s creative influences stem heavily from Rock music. The Punk & Grunge movements of the 90’s inspired Billy Zane beyond his own production, recently shifting his focus from his “Chaos” presented events, to his other creative endeavours. The artist and entrepreneur is working on his first single and line of merch, and has partnered with Niche Productions for Bookings and Management to further his already wide spreading grasp on Australia’s Dance music scenes.

Citing his influences as “90’s Kanye, Metallica, Slipknot, 2Pac and the early action movies of the 2000’s”, Billy Zane incorporates these creative foundations into his sense of fashion, live mixes, and musical production – with his deep bombs, funky bass lines and soulful sampling. Billy Zane is one to watch.