Sick of Loving You is the sophomore single from solo artist BOI, a driven anthem that brings strength to the madness of love. The lyrics weave a personal narrative that was penned about “loving someone so deeply, but knowing they’re not right for you, yet you can’t help but stay and love”. It follows her self-released debut single Imaginary Boys in June 2019, which scored local support from Triple J and international playlist adds.

BOI is the moniker of Newcastle creative and performer Anna Buckingham. Growing up she was told to act more like a girl, her moniker reclaims those insults, taking ownership of the label BOI. Adamant to make her mark by standing out, not fitting in – BOI has her own mission of individuality. Her scars, trespasses and experiences are her “library” to create and connect with audiences she identifies as those “who are told to ‘fit in;, ‘don’t be loud’, ‘don’t stand out or be the individual you are.’”

Passion and tenacity are not something Buckingham is lacking, likely traits passed on from parents; both passionate professional hockey players. It was a surprise to the couple when all three of their children abandoned sports to pursue music. The journey to this surrender began at 9 years old for Buckingham, after pressuring her mother to enrol in weekly drama classes. These lessons led to seasonal performances, where she identified her love for music through musical theatre. Buckingham claims however, it was long before this that her chords were warmed up; “mum would say I got the knack for singing from the incessant screaming I did from the moment I was born.”

Buckingham’s appetite for song writing grew in her teens and her hard work culminated in 5 years in the band Nova & The Experience. In recent years she conquered stages of festivals like Splendour in the Grass as a feature vocalist for LDRU and has performed / worked with Super Cruel, Alex Lahey, TORA, The Chainsmokers, Godlands, Xavier Dunn. She now breaks out on her own, emerging boldly to do what she has always wanted.