Hailing from the isolated city of Perth, Complete has become one of the most respected emcees in Australian Hip Hop. From his iconic street anthem ‘’Blood Stained Nikes’’ to his ground breaking emotional hit ‘’Jordan’’ Complete has been making an indisputable mark locally and overseas.

With over 25 million views on his streaming platforms, it’s proof that his distinct, hard-hitting honesty on topics such as mental health and addiction connect with a loyal army of fans who can easily relate to his music, even when he’s at his most vulnerable.

Complete recently released his much anticipated debut album ‘’Death Rattle’’ which dominated the charts and has received critical acclaim from listeners all over the world. He is now about to head on his biggest ever national tour to celebrate its success.

Examining his open book persona, technical lyricism, sense of humour and ability to tell a story, it’s no wonder Complete has an exciting future ahead of him. With such a devoted fan base that is growing more and more each day, he has become an unstoppable force and is on his way to cement himself as one of the greatest emcees this country has ever seen.

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