Compound X

Compound X is the multidisciplinary duo, Dar Smith and Dave Roberts. Both dedicated journeymen, their visions melting psychedelic rock, house music, funk, techno, and pop, together they alchemise and synthesise their own variant of ground-breaking rhythms, Compound X debuted with great success at Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania, Australia, 2021, and recently the duo signed two limited edition record labels ”Distopic Utopia Records” and “CX BLACK” with Republic of Music in the UK, partnered with distribution partners Universal Music worldwide.

The duo made a subsonic impact with their monster “Sending Me Signals” EP with two highly anticipated follow-up singles dubbed “The Freak” and “Rave Against The Machine” with is set to be released on their imprint “CX BLACK”, alongside their two studio albums “Make It Bounce” and “Make It Stop” melting rave and pop music into a web of dance floor euphoria, coining “techno rave pop” and is aimed at a big rave festival sound adjacent a complete immersive audio-visual show.

Compound X’s innovative sound first debuted in April 2020 on Distopic Utopia Records, The act’s dynamic range and genuine sound artistry are what set Compound X beyond the status quo, a sub-dimensional beast, a consistent assault, something that’s displayed within their output, melting multiple creative medians that forged a tectonic movement in music, fashion, art and events, including Robot Heart (Burning Man, USA), Fabric (London), BPM Festival (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico), Sonar Festival (Barcelona, Spain), DC10 (Ibiza, Spain), Panorama Bar (Berlin, Germany) and a regular at the helm for the Watergate family in Berlin, alongside executing sound and visual installations at Darklands in Berlin and curations alike at Paris Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia. 

It is this range that sees the pair exploring and thriving in production, DJ sets, live shows, film scores, installation experiments and runway shows, an infinitely evolving sonic and cinematic itinerary delivering a forward-thinking take on electronic music, fashion and audio-visual art.

We like it raw, unfiltered, analog, painful, loving, broken, fixed, (in)sane, naked, (un)covered, discarded, forgotten, lost, and found. 

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