Compound X

Compound X is an emerging entity from two multidisciplinary artists, Dar Smith, a prolific hyper creative DJ, Executive Producer and Creative Director, former partner and touring artist in No19 music, and Dulum, a focused and constantly exploring creative, energetic producer and Mixing Engineer, who together alchemise and synthesise their own variant of ground-breaking rhythms, film scores, spanning in range across several genres.

Compound X has a much-anticipated debut at Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania, Australia, 2021 and recently the duo signed two limited edition record labels ”Distopic Utopia Records” and “CX BLACK” with Republic of Music in the UK, partnered with distribution partners Universal Music. The duos Liquid Sky loft broken themed beats interpret what would be a testament to a Warhol after-hours experiment. Their productions infuse heavy rock inspired feels with subsonic grooves aimed at a big festival sound. Compound X also functions as a creative platform and exists purely as a realm to exercise their creative vision, GATTACA is the duo’s conceptual cinematic live show in the making – a visual experience which is the fourth element and by-product “The stimulation of synaesthesia” exploring our connectivity based on four different nucleotides in the DNA molecule of humans and synaesthesia.

Dar comes from a drumming and rock-inspired background, mastering dj’ing for many years before studying electronic music and production in Sydney and Berlin, then aligned a touring schedule focused at festivals and infamous parties worldwide under his alias BROHN, including Robot Heart (Burning Man, USA), Fabric (London), BPM Festival (Playa Del Carmen, Mexico), Sonar Festival (Barcelona, Spain), DC10 (Ibiza, Spain), Panorama Bar (Berlin, Germany) and a regular at the helm for the Watergate family in Berlin. Dar also founded Breath & Stone in 2012, Breath & Stone was an experimental fashion and accessories label specialising in handcrafted sculptural design, photography art, creative direction and wearable art, executing sound and visual installations at Darklands in Berlin and curations alike at Paris Fashion Week and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia.

Dulum ventured into electronic dance music after being classically trained in piano, piano theory, drumming and Classical Composition. Cutting his teeth as a Dj while Studying audio engineering in Sydney, London, and LA, he then founded BLCK GHST Studio in 2014, which is now a dedicated high end all Analog production and mixing studio and is also the ground zero for Compound X and Distopic Utopia’s sonic sculptures, only enhancing the duo’s mysticism and depth.

It is this range that sees the pair exploring and thriving in production, DJ sets, live shows, film scores, installation experiments and runway shows, an infinitely evolving sonic and cinematic itinerary delivering a forward-thinking take on electronica.