CXLOE is a breakout artist hailing from Sydney with a wealth of experience despite her years.

Wandering between alternative and electronic, her pop sensibility brings the two diverse genres together to create a sound all of her own; a pure musical aesthetic met with complex and dark lyrics brings a true contrast to her artistry.

Written in Los Angeles by CXLOE with Sam Farrar (Maroon 5) and Max Farrar, her third single ‘Show You’ (released worldwide today) offers an insight to what it’s like when words just are not enough.

‘Show You’ bursts with emotion from its opening chords and follows with lifting moments that will put listeners’ hair on end. Sonically exploring the notion of being vulnerable enough to let your guard down and allowing someone into your world, the soaring and emotive production – paired with CXLOE’s ranging vocals – captures an unstoppable alt-pop anthem.