Hailing from Southwest Sydney, Freesouls are an outfit of three artists who are almost chameleon-like in their ability to adapt their style to the current trends and still maintain originality, quality and their signature styles.  

With high standing in the thriving Sydney underground music scene, their talent and dedication to their craft have seen them consistently sell out their own headlining shows, winning over pop and RnB crowds, to dominating hardcore hip-hop events, and even making their mark at a few heavy metal events along the way to much acclaim. 

Since the release of their latest EP, “FS Type Beats”, Freesouls have been added to rotations at Triple J, (previously The Edge), FBi radio and have found themselves in Spotify editorial playlists, with the result being crowds singing along the Freesouls lyrics at their last few performances.

The proven versatility in their live shows as well as recorded content make it clear that Freesouls is a group in love with their art, and well on their way to achieving legendary status amongst all music lovers.