Grace Sanders

Blending electro pop, soul, indie, hip hop and RnB Perth’s self produced singer-songwriter Grace Sanders has had a big start to 2021. Releasing her debut EP ‘GUMS’, along with collaborator and producer Ezekiel Padmanabham, the pair have garnered significant attention for their unique and dynamic musical style combining to make a diverse and yet consistent first record that conveys a maturity of sound seldom found in a first release. ‘GUMS’ has thus far received consistent support from NME, Tone Deaf, AAA Backstage, Cool Accidents, Triple J, Pilerats, The Music, Acidstag, AU review, RTR fm Sound Selection and more as Sanders captures the attention of the Australian music scene as one to watch.

Taking a break from releasing music after three initial single releases dating between 2017/18, Grace took time off to reflect, reconsider and hone her sound ahead of this debut EP release. In this process, the pairing between Padmanabham and Sanders has allowed the two to create a powerful combination that pays homage to their broad range of influences, while still managing to navigate itself sonically to an original and identifiable ‘sound’. The intimacy of the process between the pairing is a significant factor in the marked difference between Sanders’ previous releases and current musical statement. ‘GUMS’ signifies a shift in which much more personality and depth is revealed in Sanders’ artistic statements, signifying an exciting era where undoubtedly the best is yet to come from this collaboration.

Sanders is known for using her songwriting to explore a variety of deeply personal themes and experiences; including grief, mental health, addiction and mindfulness. Her personal and honest approach in her lyricism as well as outlandish online presence leaves the listener with a sense of getting to know her and her perspective on the world, while relating to those experiences at the most human level. On stage she is typically joined by a 4 piece band- in which Padmanabham is also present- where the songs are brought to life by her energetic and vivacious performances; usually with considerable amounts of dancing and a familiar, friendly rapport with the audience. Her signature dynamic vocal style- ranges between being soft and delicate to powerhouse belts that allow the live experience to range from uplifting dance numbers to gentle and soulful ballads, and everything in between.

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