Haiku Hands

Haiku Hands, individually bossy and collectively strong. This interstate collective produces dynamic, new music. 

The elusive crew of artists hailing from Sydney and Melbourne have established their presence with the tongue in cheek, rave-inspired Not About You which was “undeniably one of the best Australian debuts of the year” (Purple Sneakers). 

With an unquenchable thirst for good times and indulgence in all things art and pop, Haiku Hands pull together numerous talents to create an original and off-the-wall product; an unlikely but brilliant fusion of dance party and performance art. RingleadersBeatrice Lewis, Claire Nakazawa and Mie Nakazawa curate Haiku Hands  collaborating with some of Australia’s finest singers, writers, and producers to perform genre-bending unconventional pop, dance, electronic magic. 

 Live, they’re outrageous, bold and ruled by fun choreography. They routinely deliver the type of performance experience that turns a dingy club into a heaving sweaty mess. With synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands present an eclectic set and energising live experience. Vocalist Mataya Young (Hermitude/Thundamentals) often joins them on stage, bringing her flavour to the show. Their infectious performance commands the room, confirming an act well and truly on the rise. 

Tickets available

Haiku Hands | Newcastle February 24, 2022 Cambridge Hotel Buy tickets
Haiku Hands | Wollongong February 25, 2022 La La La's Buy tickets
Haiku Hands | Canberra February 26, 2022 UC Hub Buy tickets
Haiku Hands | Brisbane March 4, 2022 The Zoo Buy tickets
Haiku Hands | Melbourne March 11, 2022 Max Watts Buy tickets
Haiku Hands | Sydney March 24, 2022 Metro Theatre Buy tickets