In 2015 Jaala released their debut album ‘Hard Hold’ to critical acclaim both nationally and internationally. We could sit here talking about Pitchforks glowing review or how JJJ featured the album but all that is in the past and Jaala are in the now. Google is available if you are curious about these achievements. Since the release of Hard Hold they have transformed into a completely new animal, not only stylistically but literally. The addition of Carolyn Schofield (synth) of Fia Fiell fame has moved the band towards a more haunting, dreamy experimental pop movement as opposed to the guitar shredding melt your face prog rock vibes of yesteryear. Vocalist/guitarist Cosima pay and drummer/genius Maria Moles stand firm with their intricately woven telepathy. The ornate and ever flowing creativity is still ubiquitous, only it feels different now, rather than falling down a beautiful waterfall into a pit of demons that become your mates it’s more like your feet have been confiscated at the same time as you’ve been given the ability to fly. Their second album ‘Joonya Spirit’ was released in April 2018 and a third baby will be bright home from the hospital sometime in 2019.