Nathan Hawes AKA KESMAR is a 23 year old Sydney based producer and songwriter.

Following a well-received debut EP ‘Up to you’ in March 2019 – written in collaboration with LANKS, Panama and Cleopold, Nathan took a step back to songwriting and producing in solace. From a heavily collaborative first release he felt a strong need to work alone. Finding himself a year and a half later with a newly finished body of work that has strong ties to minimal late seventies yacht rock with references to ‘Christopher Cross’ & ‘The Alessi Brothers’

“I wanted to make a bunch of songs that basically just made me happy and i hope it has the same effect on others” – Kesmar

Following a simplistic approach to making music it went hand in hand with using old gear from the 70’s and 80’s, “ its the imperfections and mistakes that made me fall in love with using vintage gear, From buying my first first synth (The Roland Juno 60) like many i just couldn’t go back into a digital world”