Ladi6 is an r’n’b, electronic neo soul band. Ladi the front woman and Parks the producer grew up in Christchurch New Zealand and fast became friends straight out of high school. Ladi was then a rapper for the only all-female nz hiphop crew Sheelahroc, and Parks was a bass player for his high school ska band Yakka Yo and Christchurch pioneer Polynesian music band, Pacific Underground.

Encouraged by Parks to sing, Ladi took up singing duties alongside Parks to form their first band together, Verse Two. During that time they met their drummer Julien Dyne, and years later went on to meet their keyboardist/co-producer, Brandon Haru to form the current line up of, Ladi6.

In 2004 they went on to release their first full-length album, Time is Not Much, with co-production duties by Mu from Fat Freddys Drop. Time is Not Much became a pivotal moment in Parks’ production education, and due to the years it took to bring that record to life, served him and Ladi both well into the future, learning and honing both their skills in production and studio form.

Fat Freddys Drop introduced Ladi to Berlin and through that experience, Ladi6 spent the next 4 years touring Europe extensively, living the ultimate summer to summer lifestyle in both the northern and southern hemispheres, recording in kitchens and lounges of friends they had made in Berlin and in Munich with German artist Sepalot, they released their second full length record, The Liberation of. Joined by Sepalot on co-production duties in 2008.

In 2013 now back in New Zealand writing their wish list of producers to work with for their third full-length, Waajeed sat at the top of that list. With no connection to him, they reached out through a mutual colleague in the United States and were happily astonished to get a response. On Waajeeds insistence Parks and Ladi flew to work with him in Detroit after completing the song, Shine On, long distance. They recorded and wrote their third record, Automatic, in Studio A Dearborn Detroit Michigan, which went on to be released later that same year.

This most recent exciting and soon to be released ep, Royal Blue 3000, is their first and only musical project completely produced by the band, and in that way is something utterly unique in their careers. Created completely by improvised winter parties called the Alpha Sessions with the support of Red bull studio they have added for themselves yet another layer to their ever growing musical evolution. Royal Blue 3000 is still undeniably in the same building as previous releases just obviously more hanging outside the building than riding the elevator to get to the top floor. Ladi6 is fast becoming recognizable for their reframing of a 90s/early 2000s neo-soul and hip-hop style their early music was built on mix-matched with a minimal futuristic electronic sound, creating these new songs with the intention to move the masses with feel-style over everything. This, combined with a renewed focus on live performance and production they continue to keep this band relevant in a modern ever-changing music industry.