When asked how he hopes Luboku’s music makes listeners feel, Luis Kennett – the Melbourne-based artist behind the moniker – offers, “I think the answer to that is: I hope my music makes people feel something . I want people to be emotionally affected by my music…”

Characterised by vivid instrumental flourishes, rolling beats and wistful vocals, the dizzying impact of Luboku’s compositions is undeniable. Creating crisp, layered sonic textures that constantly shift in intensity, Luboku expertly navigates emotional terrain while beckoning listeners onto the dancefloor.

From the age of four, Luboku was intrigued by piano and would practise snippets of classical pieces taught to him by family members. He also picked up the guitar in high school but didn’t start creating his own tracks until he discovered music production software. “I do every part of the process,” Luboku explains of his autonomous song-crafting approach.

Luboku’s debut single, The Surface – consisting of harsh but brittle textures, steamrolled by a thick, clean, synthetic, pulsating soundscape – dropped in late-2017. It immediately garnered high praise from triple j’s Richard Kingsmill and cracked Spotify’s Australia Viral 50 chart.

A string of killer singles, Without You, None Of You and 50 Days, sustained momentum throughout 2018 until Luboku’s first EP landed in November. Of the title that’s shared by both his debut single and EP, Luboku says, “The Surface is both a statement and a reminder. A statement on my view of our world and a reminder for myself to think more deeply about how I live my life.” Luboku embarked on his first Australian headline tour off the back of this release.

Solar Flare – Luboku’s sweeping, piano-driven instrumental single – ushered in 2019 with uplifting melodies underscored by melancholy sustained synth and beats that crackle and pop.

Luboku’s effervescent new single Forget veers toward a warmer sound, in stark contrast with his often dark and melancholic style. Of the single’s lyrical inspiration, Luboku explains, “it’s about anxiety and fear, which I find to be recurring obstacles and that I’m sure many others may relate to… So writing about that experience is quite true to me personally – I like the analogy of throwing your thoughts into the waves of the ocean, letting them pass, and hopefully gaining some clarity through that process.” Instrumentally, Luboku describes Forget as pushing his trademark electronic elements toward a more acoustic space. “It’s a little bit DARKSIDE, Caribou and even elements Tycho.”

Off the back of touring Australia and New Zealand with producer/singer-songwriter, BAYNK, Luboku has recently been locked in to showcase at Australia’s biggest annual music industry event, BIGSOUND; before taking off for a national run of shows with New Zealand collective, LEISURE. There’s no doubt that this accomplished, multifaceted artist is set to soar, with many more exciting musical creations already underway and slated for release later this year.

This is just a warm-up – Luboku is just getting started.

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