Miko Mal

Miko Mal is the newest, trending artist to work with 66 Records. Unlike anything the world has ever heard before, the 23-year-old Australian-born Turkish Egyptian rapper/songwriter has a unique sound. When asked about what inspires his artistry, Miko Mal explained: “I’m an observer, I get my inspiration from everywhere. I’m into different types of music, cultures and lifestyles.” Further illustrating his diverse taste in music, Miko Mal says he’s a huge fan of Biggie Smalls’ rapping, Michael Jackson’s stage presence, and Whitney Houston’s vocal ability.

The young gun has been writing songs as long as he can remember and recorded his first released track with one of his childhood friends john nelson (Co-founder of 66Records) at 17 years of age. Determined to have his music heard more widely, Miko Mal started attending a Fitzroy community centre in 2017 to share his tracks with other local artists, including founding members of 66 Records(AB & Jnelly). In 2020 he released his second mixtape – Time Out – under the guidance of 66 Records. The mixtape has generated hundreds-of-thousands of streams, including more than a quarter-of-a-million on his hit-single “Sknoway” (feat. Lil Sknow). Miko Mal was A&R’d  and developed by 66 Records and said he was looking forward to having “more voices to bounce ideas off”.

His first release under the label’s guidance – Superhero (feat. Nerve) – already has hit more than quarter million streams online. In an extra boost to the young artist’s hopes of blowing up, he was recently mentioned in the “A1’s to watch” Spotify Music Australia and New Zealand podcast. Going forward, Miko Mal intends to release more fresh music to his growing fan-base, hinting that it “will include lots of creativity, styles and vibes”. 66 Records is confident Miko Mal will become a well-known name in the Australian music industry, with hopes of ultimately sharing his music with an international audience.