Mwanjé is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter originally from Zambia but born and raised in Botswana. She expresses herself through music, art and dance. Through the use of melisma and stacked harmonies she strives to create an enchanting trance that captivates listeners. Mwanjé has had the pleasure of working alongside her older sister Sampa the Great on her critically acclaimed album ’The Return’, as well as collaborating with artists such as Remi, Silent Jay, Kuzich, N’fa Jones and Agung Mango.

She has been featured in South African-Australian artist Temgazi’s ‘King Status’ music video as well as Sampa the Great’s Black girl magic music video. In 2019, she has performed on The Forum stage for the Red Bull Music week festival, she also joined the Golden Plains roster for her very first festival performance earlier this year.

At 22 years old, Mwanjé has released a single named ‘The Divine’ produced by Silent Jay and Kuzich. With lyrics based on real life experiences, her upcoming EP named ‘Seasons’ will be exploring the various phases of self-discovery, with the use of expressive spoken word and an ode to her heritage.