Niche Talent Roster excited to announce is the Sydney-born producer MXXWLL.

Los Angeles and Australia lie thousands of miles apart, yet the Sydney-born producer MXXWLL more than embodies the California love. As a solo musician and multi-instrumentalist MXXWLL finds his inspirations in the G-Funk haze of LA, the glory years of West Coast hip-hop and more than a touch of J Dilla’s studio magic for good measure. Armed with a near-masterful skill behind the synthesiser and an ability to make your head bounce MXXWLL’s talents have found admiration in some of the greatest names in the business, from Snoop Dogg and DJ Jazzy Jeff to Ty Dolla $ign and J Cole.

For most artists their career begins with a hit record, a memorable performance or a big budget promotional campaign. But MXXWLL does things a little differently. Back in December of 2014 MXXWLL uploaded his first jam session video to Facebook, a 37-second long handheld recording filmed on his mobile phone. Later, with every video he posted from his homemade studio views began to peak the tens of thousands. Then the hundreds of thousands. Then the millions.

Through the power of the internet MXXWLL quickly earned himself legions of fans worldwide, all glued to the image of him busting out impromptu slow jams and Warren G-era medleys on his vast collection of MOOG synthesisers and vintage drum machines. For the audiences at home MXXWLL’s swift rise to prominence looks effortless, almost too easy given his masterful musical prowess. Yet as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist from an early age MXXWLL as we know him today has been years in the making.

MXXWLL first began to learn his craft at the age of 11, tinkering with the various music software, tape recorders and synthesisers that his father owned – a well-renowned musician in his own right. Originally MXXWLL’s distinct ear for bass-heavy melodies was drawn to drum & bass and jungle, finding influence in cut-and-paste club tracks designed for dark spaces and strobe-lit basements. But as MXXWLL’s studio artistry developed so did his music tastes, and after being introduced to the legendary works of D’Angelo and J Dilla his admiration for hip-hop and beat-driven instrumentals began.

Fascinated by their ability to bring soul and emotion into sampled loops and bootleg records meant for maximum volume, MXXWLL began recreating their magic live. A one man band in himself MXXWLL’s talents on the keys, bass, guitar and the MPC soon found him famous fans worldwide. Philadelphia icon DJ Jazzy Jeff recently welcomed MXXWLL to his US home to record, and the D-O-double-G himself Snoop Dogg has become a fan since discovering his music back in 2016.

Collaborations with super-producer Snakehips and Zayn on his remix for their 2016 hit ‘Cruel’ soon came, but the release of his debut mixtape ‘Beats Vol. 1’ in 2017, which High Snobiety named a ‘masterpiece of a debut’, took MXXWLL to another level.

His instrumentals immediately spread throughout the hip-hop world. Countless rappers used his tracks as freestyle instrumentals that amassed thousands of plays online and Instagram famous B Boy dancers pop and locked to tracks like ‘4U’ that went viral to an audience of millions.

A move to London in 2017 brought with it fresh collaborations and remixes, including Duke Dumont and Ebenezer’s ‘Inhale’. From his east London flat he was inducted into FACT’s famed ‘Against The Clock’ series in 2018, whipping up a breezin’ summer beat in ten minutes flat.

The UK capital also ushered in new ideas that MXXWLL took to the studio – Afro-inspired drum patterns discovered in south London clubs or the DIY production techniques of young producers making ends meet.

MXXWLL was always destined to end up where his lifelong infatuation with music began, though; Los Angeles, where he now calls home.

Walking the streets of LA provides inspiration for MXXWLL that’s become almost natural, from the low riders pumping slow jams from their window to the everyday influence of LA’s beat scene.

Deciding he needed to be in LA to fully immerse himself in the music he found a place that boasted dozens of vintage synthesisers, drum machines, pianos and enough equipment to keep MXXWLL creating for several lifetimes. The fact that it was in South Central, the birthplace of G Funk and modern hip-hop, was a bonus.

This move to the West Coast has given MXXWLL new life and has welcomed some of his biggest successes. He’s linked up with up-and-comers like Leven Kali and remixed ‘Happy Now’ from dance titan ZEDD and Elley Duhe, breaking his name beyond hip-hop and beat tape circles.

His biggest moment to date, though, came in mid-2019 with ‘Purple Emoji’, a collaboration with the world dominating headliners J. Cole and TY Dolla $ign. Oozing with 90s R & B flavour and smooth as silk milkshake basslines, within a month ‘Purple Emoji’ has amassed over 12 million Spotify plays and gained support from Rolling Stone, Billboard, SPIN and Zane Lowe of Beats 1 Radio.

Since then, requests from future collaborators and top secret rappers looking to get in on the MXXWLL action. MXXWLL is keeping busy creating the hotly anticipated new project that will see the light of day soon enough.

MXXWLL’s past may now be very different to his present, but with a sound that nods towards old school heroes whilst looking forward to the next era, MXXWLL is become a go-to producer on everyone’s lips. The G funk is back, and it’s never sounded better.