Nasty Mars

Nasty Mars is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Born from Timorese migrant parents, and raised in the Melbourne Timorese community, Nasty Mars was surrounded by music from an early age; from his father singing in various reggae cover bands to regular community parties soundtracked by reggae, disco, R&B, and Angolan music.

Coupled with his musical upbringing, at age 14, Nasty Mars had what he describes as a “chance encounter” when he met an aspiring rapper in class who would go on to inspire Nasty Mars to begin writing his own raps, and eventually, songs.

5 years later, Nasty Mars connected with fellow artist Baro, and the 90sRD hip hop collective, through this connection he would begin to release music under the moniker “Nasty Mars” that could be best described as lo-fi torch songs with idiosyncratic song structure and a free form flow that would see him interchange between singing and rapping almost effortlessly.

2 years following, in 2016, Nasty Mars met his current collaborator Nathan Coutts, a Guitarist, Producer, Mixer, and Audio Engineer whom with he would form R&B project, Nasty Mars & The Martians. With the addition of bassist Daniel Watts, drummer Jordan Pereira, and Pianist Cedric Cheng, Nasty Mars & The Martians began performing live in Melbourne; a show that can be described as a jazzy ode to D’Angelo, James Brown, Prince, and Parliament Funkadelic with soul bearing moments of stripped back instrumentation and heartfelt singing to full instrumental jams.

Through a mutual love of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Jazz standards, D’Angelo and the Soultronics, Amy Winehouse, and various Soul, R&B, Funk, and Hip-Hop music, Nasty Mars & The Martians would go on to work on music together which saw the release of pop-funk single, “Soul Island” in November 2017 and the creation of a conceptual EP that is yet to be released.

In their so-far journey Nasty Mars & The Martians have uniquely cemented themselves as one of the most exciting upcoming groups with a “must see live-act” despite rarely releasing music

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