Puppy Mountain

Puppy Mountain is an electronic producer and DJ from Melbourne Australia.
DJing and producing for over 15 years under many different monikers, Puppy Mountain was born in 2020 out of a need to be creative during COVID-19 lockdowns.
Puppy Mountain also describes him very well, as he is a giant cutie.
Puppy Mountain’s music is emotive, euphoric, melancholy and designed to make you reflect on times past and look forward to the future. Puppy Mountain isn’t one to pigeonhole as he tries to bridge the gaps and juxtapose genres to make something unique. His influences range from rave to house to emo to indie to hyperpop to techno to everything and anything between.

Puppy Mountain’s first two singles “Dancefloor” and “A Pathway To Others Like You” have gotten a lot of love on Triple J and Spotify, with glowing reviews from Triple J presenters and both tracks on multiple official Spotify playlists, a rare feat for an unsigned artist with no management.

Puppy Mountain is planning to release more singles, remixes, an EP and a bootleg compilation in 2022-2023.