Rhinestone Cowgirl is an energetic and electrifying DJ, performer, event organiser and soon to be producer.
A genre bending diva with a diverse repertoire and an eclectic, refreshing sound; weaving raw, hypnotic and groove techno with trance, electro, breakbeat and iconic remixes to deliver what she describes as the ultimate bimbofied set.

Growing up on EDM and pop music heavily influenced her sound; Rhinestone Cowgirl takes the crowd on a nostalgic and enigmatic journey of upbeat, obscure and seductive sounds.
From underground raves to doof’s to festival stages, and being on support duties for industry legends such as Chlär, Lachessi, KRL MX & horsegiirL; Rhinestone Cowgirl always delivers a high energy and uncompromising performance and is fast becoming a favourite amongst crowds.