Ric Rufio

It was during the crucial, formative years of Ric Rufio’s youth that he discovered his love of RnB. Drawn to the sentimentality and the earnestness of 90’s acts like Boyz II Men, Terence Trent D’arby and Sade, or the understated genius of greats like Donny Hathaway, Ric had found a sound that resonated within. It’s only natural then that it was this sound that would eventually draw him to start creating his own music.

Having landed roles as a backing vocalist and musician, touring with the likes of Adele, Nick Murphy, Daniel Johns and Kirin J Callinan, Ric began writing his own music, experimenting with sounds and discovering the natural ease he felt writing RnB.

The result, his debut EP, ‘ Rewind’ . Channeling the sounds of his formative years and the experience of his time with Johns and Murphy, Ric Rufio takes the familiar and twists it to create something fresh and exciting. The first taste of ‘ Rewind’ is the lead single, ‘ So Wonderful’ . Taking a minimalist’s approach to the production, ‘So Wonderful’ sees Ric Rufio experimenting with modern electronics and classic RnB vocals, creating a debut release that’s intimate, dynamic and most importantly, catchy as hell.

This is just the beginning, but if ‘ So Wonderful’ is any indication, 2017 is the year in which Ric Rufio makes his mark.