Royel Otis

Dream pop duo Royel Otis is the brainchild of Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell.

After living in New York for a few years, Royel returned home broke and started working in a bar, where he met Otis fresh out of school. After hanging around on a night out with friends, Otis showed Roy some of the demos he had been working on. Royel took them home and started matching with guitars and some Fat Boy Slim samples he stole during his time in NYC. The two started having weekly catch ups and churning out tunes in Roy’s Bondi Beach sunroom, laying guitars over beats and going on long drives along the east coast to write melodies over the tracks.

Drawing inspiration from old Japanese city pop records and ‘90s nostalgia and produced by Julian Sudek, the guys sent their track off to the legendary mixer Dave Fridmann who agreed to mix their debut song. “Without You” is the duo’s shimmering debut single.

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Royel Otis | Sydney November 18, 2021 Oxford Art Gallery Buy tickets
Royel Otis | Melbourne November 19, 2021 The Gasometer Hotel Buy tickets