SAL is a DJ, experience curator and Boiler Room alumni based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. As a performer her music is influenced by her perspective as a member of the Chinese-Vietnamese diaspora, versatile yet bold in her selection of sounds, she’s on a constant discovery of new underground and obscure club sounds that could be infused into her distinct yet ever-changing curation. Her taste for boundary pushing production and anthemic lyricism make her a master selector of everything from vogue and ballroom to bounce, techno, baile funk and more. SAL has a knack for combining as many genres as possible in a seamless and meticulous groove – as precise as the knife-edged finish to her winged eyeliner. Her unique taste in sound has you covered from bouncing on the comfort of your throne to winding down and preparing for your split-fare uber to kick-ons.

A veteran in the Melbourne club and event scene, SAL has supported LSDXOXO, Kush Jones, Venus X (twice), Sam Gallaitry, Galtier, Brooke Candy, Slayyyter, Cobrah, Murder He Wrote, Rainbow Chan, Oscar Key Sung, Crush3d, MCMLXXXV, Cem and more.