Newtown’s self-proclaimed shittest band are a driving force behind Australia’s punk scene. Over the past 12 months SCABZ have toured relentlessly, joining Skeggs on the ‘My Own Mess’ tour across the country in between their own mammoth regional jaunts for singles ‘Starting Line’ and ‘Brett Lee’s Got No I.D (And He Can’t Get Into World Bar).’

SCABZ are just as comfortable heckling old mates at a country pub as they are at a festival. With standout appearances at Yours And Owls, Pool House Party, Mountain Sounds (rip) Festival of the Sun and Bad Friday proving they can be politically charged, grating and funny as ever regardless of the stage.

SCABZ provide direct and unapologetic protest in the Mike Baird-defying ‘Locked Out’ next to cowbell-doused tales of chasing tipsy smooches in ‘Beach Song’ with ease. Their newer releases are a testament to SCABZ technical and expressive growth. With guitarist and vocalist Siobhan Poynton’s increasingly thrilling style of guitar playing; SCABZ are closing in on a full, reckless and energetic sound that no other act in Australia can match.

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