Swish Music

Swish Music is a Brisbane based Hip Hop group formed in 2018. What started of as a group of friends and families from Ipswich West Brisbane coming together to make music and socialise turned into something more when group founder Dau Dau came up with the name Swish Music, something that represented their area and love for music.

Consisting of 12 very diverse acts Swish Music is very unique in its own way, with a Brockhampton like Work ethic Swish Music is something truly especially in Australia’s growing Hip Hop community. 2019 was a massive year for Swish Music, just one year after they formed they created a huge local buzz within the Brisbane Hip Hop Community with the release of their single “Jigga” racking up thousands of streams on Spotify and Youtube.

2020 is going to be a massive year for this group from West Brisbane with local and global domination on their mind and their can’t stop won’t stop attitude the only way is up.

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OVERDUE | Brisbane March 26, 2021 Woolly Mammoth Buy tickets