Zimbabwe born, Birmingham and Auckland raised, and now Australian based drill artist Tbi$h, has today unveiled his new single ‘Endless Trips’ and booking deal with Niche Talent Agency.

Following on from a string of successful singles including his last ‘Trenches’ (Produced by the legendary Ghosty Digga D,BizzyBanks, Oyabun)) which saw huge support across Spotify,. His new single ‘ Endless Trips’ is an expressive and real exploration of his experiences in the scene;

‘Endless trips is about times where it feels like the cycle will never end. From purging to trapping the lifestyle or cycle can be hard to break for most especially the brothers who get into it. Being able to express it through music lets them know we can all related and know how it can really get, but in a positive light too. The music and things that can happen in the track are realistic and really can happen.’

‘Growing up in the streets of Birmingham and Auckland really teaches you about survival, almostlike you cant lack. So the influence in my music definitely comes from those younger experiences and those that carried on to present years.’

Whilst drawing looking up to artists like Took Wayne, Russ and Fivio Foreign, Tbi$h’s lane of drill is uniquely his, and his live show come the easing of COVID restrictions will be supported by the announcement today that Tbi$h has signing to Niche Talent Agency, who’s agency already reps some of the most forward-thinking hip hop in the country.