Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Birmingham and Auckland, and now based in Brisbane, Tbi$h is making his presence felt in the drill scene.

Growing up on the streets “teaches you about survival, almost like you can’t lack,” he says of his recent work. “So the influence in my music definitely comes from those younger experiences and those that carried on to present years.’

“Get to know Tbi$h and the heavyweight energy he’s possessing on this new track. Another QLD artist ready to go big,” he enthuses.

It’s the latest in a batch of tracks that have dropped over the past two years, with each building traction on streaming platforms.

His most recent, ‘Trenches,’ a U.K.-Australia collaboration produced with drill scene-builders Ghosty Digga D, BizzyBanks and Oyabun, has blown past 200,000 plays on Spotify.

Reflecting on his style and his journey, Tbi$h says, “I think really I represent what Australia is about, diversity. My roots stem from Zimbabwe, but with everything, Australia is where its happened, it’s a place I call home too. Being able to carry and represent my brothers from Australia is something I’ll forever be about.”