Turquoise Prince

2017 was a breakout year for the breakout rapper/singer. ‘Worlds Apart’ and ‘Like Your Friends’ created waves in the hip hop community and Turquoise Prince has fast earned a reputation as a dazzling showman through support slots for both Horrorshow and Boo Seeka as well as appearances at block parties thrown by close friends and mentors One Day.

His latest release ‘Sunday Sesh’ embraces Turquoise Prince’s duality, seamlessly blending silky RnB hooks with punchy verses. “I don’t always feel like singing. I don’t always feel like spitting bars, it’s just gotta be that balance” he says.

Hybridising musical influences is a key process, ‘I think I take as much from Kendrick or Biggie as I do from Freddy Mercury.’ It’s an approach amplified by the beats, with Adit (Horrorshow, One Day) steering the production ship and collaborating with some of Sydney’s finest musical talent. “I actually wrote Sunday Sesh on guitar after one of the Oneday Sunday block parties over a year ago, before I even knew the lads. Watching Adit bring it to life was crazy, he and Jono Graham transformed it into something real special.”

Having departed from his hometown of Canberra to setup in Sydney’s Inner West, Turqouise Prince is ready to take on the world.