Nicholas Barron (aka vowl.) is an Inverloch, Australia-based producer. He made his start in music producing ambient trap and lo-fi beats on soundcloud before finding the recognisable ‘wave’ sound we hear in his music today.

Amassing over 100+ million streams across all platforms, vowl. has taken wave music to a global audience. His music has landed in AAA video games, opel television ads across Europe and on youtube channels such as Trap Nation, Cloudkid and Dreamscape. All while being an independent artist with no label support.

In addition, vowl. has played shows in Australia, America and at the Arcadia festival in Russia – notably playing support for Mr Carrmack on his Australia tour. Authenticity is of paramount importance to vowl.’s musical approach. To this day he continues his work from his secluded location in rural Australia, for the love of music.