The Universe works in funny ways. Brother duo, Yuto. had never intended to pursue their musical hunches if not for a chance encounter with FL Studios on a family holiday. What was originally only a way to pass time became somewhat of an obsession for the brothers – spending the rest of their holiday trying to figure out how to work the sounds to their liking.

“Fuck it, let’s try”

With an ever-evolving repertoire, the duo is balanced by Daylan’s Drums and musical arrangement, combined with the melodic and harmonic drivers from Coben. Inspired by the mirage of sounds coming from different European dance scenes, and the growth of local talent around Australia, the duo defines their sound as impartial to genre – regularly experimenting with their soundboard.

“it’s thoughtful and measured, with plenty of glitter and sparkle to marvel at.”

Abby Butler, Triple J

As the brothers continue to develop, they look to acts like Hayden James, BAYNK and SG Lewis as a source of musical inspiration. Self-taught and thinking long term, the duo is fiercely independent, working to empower other artists along the way.

It’s not often that two brothers can connect on a hobby such as music, let alone endeavour to turn that hobby to a profession. With the successes that the Yuto. boys have found thus far, it’s incredibly exciting to think.