Born in New Zealand, though calling Australia home since 2008, ZPLUTO grew up idolising a wide range of artists who left undeniable impacts across the genres of rock, contemporary pop, hip hop and R&B. For a young ZPLUTO, the way their music unified legions of fans around the world first engaged a spirit within him that has flourished into a music journey all his own. When it comes to his own music, ZPLUTO manoeuvres in a sonic world not unfamiliar to fans of Kid Laroi, Post Malone and JuiceWRLD. His lyricism could be pulled from journal entries, melodies and a flow that relies on a balance of vulnerability and confidence to stick the landing. For ZPLUTO, this balance comes naturally. Combining elements of hip hop, pop and alternative music on a palette from which ZPLUTO paints detailed and fresh musical ideas, 2022 stands to be an exciting one for the hip-hop rapper.