Dylan Joel


Melbourne born singer, songwriter and rapper ‘Dylan Joel’ is blossoming. Coming off the back of his debut record and triple j’s Feature Album, Authentic Lemonade, as well as a string of national tours and sold out shows, Dylan has now re-emerged in 2018 with a refreshed sound and an update on what makes him such an ‘undeniable talent’ (TheMusic.com.au).

Following February’s ‘Run To The River,’ a track that made countless, worldwide Apple Music and Spotify New Music Friday playlists, last week Melbourne singer-songwriter-rapper Dylan Joel released his latest single Hollering Love, which followed the previous week’s Done Witchu.

Conversely, Hollering Love is full of positive vibes and joyful rebellion. Joel continues: “I’ve been told by people in the music industry, that it’s not cool to talk about positive things. That it’s cooler to act like you don’t care and instead, talk about the dark shit in our lives. I feel sorry for the people who feel that way. I believe that in a world full of so much hate, loving is the biggest act of rebellion. This song is inspired by the incredibly talented, kind, loving and fly AF friends that I have, making this movement of love real.”

Both Done Witchu and Hollering Love showcase Joel’s incredible songwriting skills, crafty lyrics and deft wordplay. Done Witchu offers a gritty throwback for his fanbase, complete with a moodily-lit, edgy video; while focus single Hollering Love is an extension of the hooky earworms as hinted in previous single Run To The River, with the video echoing the themes of love and positivity explored in its lyrics.

With these striking accompanying visuals – both directed by Grey Ghost – Dylan Joel’s next step is more of a giant leap. Of the video for Hollering Love, Grey Ghost said: “At a time full of paranoia, particularly about gangs and what is deemed as suspicious activity, I loved the concept of a clique that seem to be up to no good, but are in fact planning an act of love. The truth is this world has more people wanting to do good than wanting to inflict harm.”