Melbourne based band Jaala stormed out of the gates in 2015 with their debut album ‘Hard Hold’ being put at the top of many critics ‘Best Of’ lists as well as taking out AMP’s Album of the Year’. Additionally it was Triple J’s Feature Album, Album of the Week on RRR, FBi, RTR and SYN FM as well as notching up rave reviews from international online publications Pitchfork, The Fader and NPR.

‘Junior Spirit’ is is the first single taken from their sophomore album which was premiered via NPR ‘Songs We Love’. Staff writer Laura Snapes has this to say about Jaala;

“different realities are allowed to coexist, the push-and-pull as evident in frontwoman and songwriter Cosima Jaala’s textured voice as in the group’s erratic style.”

Lead singer Cosima explains ‘Junior Spirit’;

I first saw the words Junior Spirit embroidered on a pair of overalls, they were way to big for me but I wore them that day anyway. The two words really struck a chord, I felt like they were a kinder way to say inexperienced tiny person OR young soul that’s a little bit shit at life but still cute and lovable. The Junior Spirit is the part of us that remains innocent, even when old in years and especially when wearing overalls that are too big.”