Arising from the darker and grimier side of the Sydney bass scene, Moonbase is a producer who has begun to chisel a strong presence and sound that stands between the worlds of hip-hop, juke and beats. Bringing live shows back to life, Moonbase’s sets are unrelenting displays of energetic movement, light and sound – a sight that blends effortlessly with his futuristic beats.

Widely known for his forward-thinking flips and well sought-after remixes, MBC has worked with a growing list of talent, with names such as Cakes Da Killa, KLP, Frames, Olympic Ayres, Rattraps, Subp Yao, Doshy and more joining the list.

After arriving home from a short, Aussie tour presented by VICE’s music channel Noisey, Moonbase has just publicly revealed groundbreaking new work with New York rappers, Cakes Da Killa and Jay Boogie. Forging strong sounds with fellow rising stars of the rap game, Moonbase is currently working away on a plethora of new material which is set to drop sooner rather than later – all whilst continually playing his signature live sets around Australia and broadcasting his sound to the world.