The Kid Laroi


The Kids Laroi’s music is  an emotional look into the gritty lifestyles of South Sydney teens growing up in a world without promise. Laroi is learning to understand his life and relationships as they change around him and how this is shaping him into the person he wants to become.

Laroi’s writing and his effortless blend of melodies and raps chronicle the life of a 15 year old boy, determined to carve his own identity thru music. Unphased by his young age and armed with a growing understanding of his talent and self worth, Laroi’s message is one of hope and unwavering focus towards executing a vision – using his music  to give a voice to the forgotten youth of Sydney and help better the lives of those he loves.

Conscious of being different to his school peers, he is exposed to things normal 15 year olds are not. He faces dangers of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and  is reminded everyday how drastically things can turn if he slips up even just once. Laroi struggles with the idea of not fitting in with others his age, knowing it could very well  lead him down the wrong path.

Laroi finds an escape from his troubles through his music. In the studio, or at home, Laroi can exit his reality and live in his dreams. He is beginning to understand that he is in charge of his destiny. He senses success is around the corner and works hard towards this, leaving no excuses for his dreams to not become reality.  Laroi is the future of Australian Music.