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HOWLS Sign to Niche

Niche is proud to announce dynamic duo HOWLS have signed with the agency.

A collaboration which brings together two of the best in the beat-making business, HOWLS is the culminative effect of long-standing creative kinship between Taku and Kit Pop.

Kit Pop has established himself as not only a multifaceted producer and DJ, but a precursor for the breakthrough sounds proclaimed to be “next”.

An obsessive appreciation of music and relentless work ethic have granted Kit Pop a wealth of credits and features linked to a growing resume of international artists both major and independent, as well as billing at some of the world’s most renowned festivals.

Be it live or in stereo, Taku’s ability to contort and mold genres has become a style unto itself and a calling card that continues to demand attention from some of music’s biggest names.

Having collaborated on countless projects together and worked closely through mutual ties for over a decade, 2014 marks the first time Taku and Kit Pop will merge as a singular entity.