Nai Palm Announces Special One Off Performance


Two-time Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and musician
Nai Palm will be performing at

The Gasometer Hotel Thursday 11th July with Jaala (solo) + Special Guests

Nai Palm’s approach to vocal arrangements is orchestral.  At any moment the instruments she hears in her mind are presented in an organic blossoming of sound. A voice can be presented as a horn or strings or a choir of wild dingos. Her sonic environments celebrate the synthesis of sound and the points of contact that gather us together within it, steadily moving away from the artist as ego and fitting each heartfelt offering into the ecosystem of the entire arrangement.

“There is something very profound about our voices. The first thing you do when you come into this world is make a sound from your mouth.  It’s not thought out or poetic. It’s primal.  People can connect to the story and instruments of the body. You can hear how someone is feeling. Extra components can get in the way so focusing on voices was the most direct way for me to translate how I experience the world.”  

Nai Palm is a composer, instrumentalist, producer, vocalist and poet who approaches all of these self-taught disciplines with an intuitive, infectious grace which sent her on a journey to sculpt songs that have been received and treasured across the world. It is a world she has travelled many times over with her live band project Hiatus Kaiyote, who along with Nai Palm have become household names since they first began playing together in Melbourne in 2011.