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Niche welcomes Sampa The Great & announce headline shows

Niche is very excited to welcome Sampa The Great to the local agency roster!

Given her complete obscurity just over a month ago, the rise of Sampa the Great has been spectacular to watch. The Sydney-based, Zambia-raised talent appeared out of nowhere, quickly winning fans to her cause with a stunning debut, ‘the Great Mixtape’, which is only just a beginning for an artist of unmeasurable talent. To celebrate the mixtape release, Sampa will be hitting the road in November with her 8-piece live band for a quick one-two punch of shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Taking on political and cultural influences from her childhood in Africa, Sampa is an entirely fresh sound on the local music scene. Having moved to Australia just two years ago, Sampa linked up with producer Godriguez (who also captains her live band), and a powerful combination was formed. The raw energy that the duo produce together is creatively unique, and speaks of a group on the verge of something very extraordinary.

The mixtape – their first release together – has seen an enormous swell of support from abroad as well as closer to home. Aside from significant coverage on Australian radio (include album of the week on RRR), influential US broadcaster KCRW has also joined in, another indication of Sampa’s worldwide potential.

On the live front, Sampa is already in high demand, with a recent support of Wondercore Island family Hiatus Kaiyote (as well as a Northside Records ‘shutdown’) showcasing her band’s potency. The Sydney/Melbourne tour will be a chance for Sampa’s newfound fans to see the band in all its magnificence, with the whole contingent coming along for the ride.

Praise for Sampa the Great


‘Sampa has a penchant for poetry and weaves dense lyrical mazes with her verses, drawing listeners into a lush, imaginative world.’

– Okayplayer


‘This debut offering is the perfect introduction to hip-hop artist Sampa the Great. On each original track a deep knowledge and passion for soul, jazz, funk and blues shines through’.

– Triple R


‘Seamlessly switching from spoken word to angular rap she has the technical chops to back up her impressive word play.’

– Three Thousand

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