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With the appearances at PERTH INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL and MELBOURNE ZOO TWILIGHTS already announced it is with great pleasure that THE BUDOS BAND announce two special club dates in Melbourne and Sydney. For those unaware – THE BUDOS BAND are the most dangerous and sleazy band on the world famous Daptone ‘House of Soul’ label from Brooklyn.  THE BUDOS BAND’s first three albums channel the best bits of afrobeat, soul, funk and rock into huge, hypnotic and cinematic soundscapes that take you on a wild ride to places where burning holes in dancefloors or drowning in your own sweat seems like the only option. And if that wasn’t enough they’ve increased the sleaze and intensity on their latest album to even greater heights. The new album ‘BURNT OFFERING’ is dripping with the psychedelic sounds of early heavy metal fused with the tight-knit propulsion of Fela Kuti and the deep body shaking grooves and life changing horn lines that can only be conjured by the hedonistic brotherhood that is THE BUDOS BAND from Staten Island, New York.

THE BUDOS BAND brought their loud, rowdy parties to venues and festivals across the globe, and their music has been featured everywhere from skate videos to video games (MLB The Show), TV (Entourage), and film (New York, I Love You) but it has taken four albums for the band to finally give Perth and Melbourne crowds their first taste of this excellence in February 2015.

Their album covers so far feature a volcano, a scorpion, a cobra and a sorcerer which only go some way to hinting at the sheer danger presented by this band in a live setting.
This is utterly great stuff not be missed.
Music, dates & details below!


Hear the track THE STICKS HERE

Hear the classic Budos track CHICAGO FALCON HERE  

Watch & hear the track BURNT OFFERING HERE

“So tight and in tune that they’ve basically become this telepathically-communicating instrumental hydra that ambushes you into moving your body on its terms.” PITCHFORK


THe Budos Band