Oly Sherman ‘Lush Lyfe Launch’

Oly Sherman returns in 2021 with refreshed energy when it comes to releasing new music. His latest single, ‘Lush Lyfe’ is a total dream of a track from the Sydney songwriter, who incorporates a striking guest turn from hip hop artist KP Hydes into the project.

As his first collaboration, Oly brings together his now trademark soulful vocals together with effortless flow from KP; both are naturals on the track together, making ‘Lush Lyfe’ such an easy and immersive listen.

Recorded between Oly’s home studio and Kiln Studios in St. Peters, ‘Lush Lyfe’ came together quite easily once KP became involved. The final result, rhythmic and moody, is a fitting addition to Oly’s growing body of work.

“It’s a weird thought that this is my first actual collaboration track. I’ve known KP for a while now and always wanted his type of energy on one of my songs. He came over for a few drinks one night and I asked if he would be keen on rapping on this drum beat/guitar rhythm I had recorded a few weeks earlier. He was amazing. The song’s structure literally took an hour or two to put together.”

To celebrate the release of ‘Lush Lyfe’ Oly Sherman will be performing at The Lansdowne Hotel on 20 May 2021. Tickets available via nicheproductions.com.au

Tickets available

Oly Sherman | Sydney April 20, 2022 The Lansdowne Buy tickets