Danny Brown Headline Shows 2015

“Danny Brown is at war with the competing versions of himself and has chosen to allow listeners full battle access.”

— www.prettymuchamazing.com
Due to popular demand, DANNY BROWN – one of hip hop’s hottest acts and leading emcees – will play a second and final show at the Corner Hotel on Monday January 5, after selling out the originally announced headline show in Melbourne.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed sophomore LP Old, Danny Brown now stands at the forefront of modern hip hop with his unique style and unmatched flow. Featuring massive collaborations with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Purity Ring & Schoolboy Q, Old was hailed as one of the premier hip hop releases of 2013.

Known for crossing a number of genre boundaries, Brown operates in a hard to define zone, bridging new and old sounds. His persona comes across as eccentric and avant-garde, largely due to his sartorial style and attention grabbing sense of humour.

Joining Danny Brown will be very special guests DJ Markm in Brisbane and Hood Pass DJs in Melbourne.

Danny Brown Headline Shows 2015 | Niche Productions