Grace Sanders ‘Scrolling WA Tour’

Shining electro-pop goddess Grace Sanders is back in all of her eclectic, genre-mixing glory, unveiling her first single since the release of mesmerising debut EP ‘GUMS’ earlier in the year.

In a glittering cascade of hyper-pop, psych and soul, Sanders and producing partner Ezekiel Padmanabham deliver new track ‘Scrolling’ (out September 17) as their first project since signing with industry-leading booking agency Niche Productions.

Now, the pair combine their talents once again as intense, atmospheric soundscapes fill up the room completely, with Sanders’ magnetic vocal charm demanding attention. Heart-fluttering basslines and woozy, drama-filled layers prance and prod, delivering a decadent brand of polished synth-pop. As Sanders continues to embrace her electro-darkness tendencies, soulful earworm melodies and bright spots of modern-inspired chaos spring to the forefront.

All the while, glistening production highlights meticulously layered beats and creative flourishes, signalling a new sonic exploration that brings a bustling, tech-filled expanse to life.

Especially potent in a post-COVID landscape, ‘Scrolling’ contemplates the obsession and competitive ‘glow up’ culture that ensues in the online space after a relationship has ended. Sanders further explains:

“Scrolling is a modern breakup song, where these online spaces and technological resources have become much more vital avenues for communicating and fostering relationships. The depth and intimacy cultivated in these spaces, and the intensity of feeling inspired by seeing a past partner ‘move on’ online is something emphasised by our current inability to move freely and interact face to face.”

Grace Sanders’ previous releases have seen widespread support from Cool Accidents, NME, Triple J, Double J, Triple J Unearthed, theMusic, Acidstag, Pilerats, AU Review, RTR FM Sound Selection and more.

No need to keep scrolling because Grace Sanders’ highly-anticipated new single is out everywhere on September 17.

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