Lola Scott. Hight School Drama Tour

Lola Scott’s latest release, High School Drama has been all over radio in the last couple of months. The infectious anthem whispers mischievously into your ear and encourages all the wicked behaviour that you can’t possibly tell your parents about.

To celebrate its release and subsequent success Lola is bringing her band out to play in a short run of headline shows to top off her recent winning of hearts on the Teenage Dads national tour and festival appearances.

These shows are the perfect way to welcome a summer of misbehaving with Australia’s favourite new edgy hit maker.

Tickets available

Lola Scott. High School Drama Tour | Melbourne November 16, 2023 Gaso Upstairs | Melbourne Buy tickets
Lola Scott. High School Drama Tour | Sydney November 24, 2023 Low302, Sydney Buy tickets
Lola Scott | North Gong December 10, 2023 North Gong Buy tickets