Mixtress (UK)

Extract The Motion, Extra Spicy and Niche Productions are teaming up to present the Sydney debut of UK’s high-octane amen enthusiast, Mixtress.

While her origins lie in the raw energy of classic rave sounds, she effortlessly traverses across a broad spectrum of genres, crafting sets that resonate with both purists and contemporary enthusiasts. Recognized as a versatile force in the UK underground scene, Mixtress has lit up the decks at eminent spaces like Boomtown, Corsica Studios, Printworks, Fabric, and Waterworks.

Her dynamic range has also been showcased on platforms such as Boiler Room, HÖR, and a good handful of Keep Hush streams. With her genre-blending mixes gracing her residency on Rinse FM, Mixmag, and BBC Radio 6, Mixtress continues to captivate global audiences, blurring the boundaries between the past and present of electronic music.

Tickets available

Mixtress | Beyond The Valley December 28, 2023 Victoria, AU Buy tickets
Mixtress | Rhythm & Vines December 30, 2023 Gisborne, NZ Buy tickets
Mixtress | Northern Bass December 31, 2023 Auckland, NZ Buy tickets
Mixtress | No One But Us January 1, 2024 Perth, AU Buy tickets
Mixtress | Oxford Art Factory January 6, 2024 Sydney, AU Buy tickets
Mixtress | The DOT January 6, 2024 Melbourne, AU Buy tickets