Oscar Key Sung Special Performance

Oscar will be performing the magical album “Echo Hill Green Square” live for the first time on the 1st December at Brunswick Ballroom. Expect live instrumentation and Harmonies bringing a touch of euphoric cathartic connection. A necessary moment of emotion and release before what is hopefully a summer of frivolity.

Echo Hill Green Square, the most recent offering by Oscar Key Sung finds him going back to basics. The album showcases songwriting with stripped back arrangements of live piano and guitar, making space for his refined vocals and lyrics to take centre stage. This hybrid sound intertwines the patience of Ambient music, the lush harmony of classical music, and lyrical prose reminiscent of Singer/writers like Frank Ocean or Jeff Buckley.

Echo Hill Green Square is a much needed tonic for those in need of an emotionally rich soundscape to lose themselves in.

Announced with a special support from CD, a soulstress female artist from Melbourne’s western suburbs has left many enamoured by her provocative mode. Armed with a honey syrup voice, and an evolved palette that touches influences of jazz, neo-soul and hip hop, CD uniquely evokes nostalgia while probing forward. 

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