Selasie Survival Single Launch

Making a loud arrival as one of Australia’s most engaging new artists, Selasie’s second offering ‘Survival’ is an arresting track that straddles a line between melodic rap and introspective lyricism. With autobiographical writing and strong melodic sensibilities, it further carves out a unique lane for him.

While his debut single ‘Unatural’, gave smooth vocals and a stomping beat, ‘Survival’ ups the intensity. “All I know is survival,” Selasie declares in the chorus as he reckons with his upbringing and eyes a legacy for the future.

“Survival Is a song that showcases and deep dives into the various struggles during my adolescence in Western Sydney. It touches on my relationship with a higher power and exposes a fight or flight reality that I had to overcome in order to hold onto a hope for a better future. I hope people learn that I am someone who feels things very deeply as an artist but I would want them to understand that is also what builds my strength,” Selasie says about the song. ‘Survival’ may revolve around his Western Sydney upbringing but it’s distinctly international in sound. It channels the autobiographical prowess of J. Cole, the hypnotic melodies of 007 Shake, and the unbridled soul of Rod Wave.

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