Today, Niche Productions and weekly party BLOOM. announce the inaugural monthly underground Dance party, SYNC – launching on Saturday 5th March at Sydney’s underground Dance and Electronic institution, Club 77. Freshly renovated, the venue provides the perfect medium for a diverse and inclusive late night party, tapped into the various blossoming Dance and Electronic scenes that are growing as a result of Sydney’s invigorated demand for a new nightlife. SYNC will be the club’s newest monthly party, hosted on the first Saturday of each month.

SYNC will see Niche and BLOOM. collaborating to offer party-goers an insight into the underground scenes growing as a result of the challenges the live music industry has faced over the last two years. With DJ’s and producers collaborating digitally, giving way to new sounds, aesthetics and styles as a result of the lowered access barriers to creative collaboration. SYNC aims to create culture through showcasing this progress made by Australia’s Dance and Electronic creatives.

Be sure to tap in with the SYNC team through Instagram for further updates and insight into this exciting new endeavour for Sydney’s nightlife.

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SYNC @ CLUB 77 May 7, 2022 Club 77 Buy tickets